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Molecular geneticist Matthew Farrer is critically acclaimed for his work on the genetics of Parkinson’s disease, including identifying the most important genetic risk factors for the debilitating disease. To establish the genetic medicine chair, the Province is providing $2.25 million through its Leading Edge Endowment Fund. (more...)

UBC economics Prof. John Janmaat has been appointed the Leading Edge Endowment Fund (LEEF) BC Regional Innovation Chair in Water Resources and Ecosystem Management at the UBC Okanagan Campus in Kelowna. (more...)

Dr. Christoph Borchers is a leading protein chemist and a pioneer in proteomics research. He has been director of the UVic-Genome BC Proteomics Centre since 2005. The chair program will support a research and training program in proteomics at the University of Victoria, primarily through the UVic-Genome BC Proteomics Centre. It will combine technology development, applications to biomedical and environmental sciences, and commercialization through spinoff companies and industry partnerships. (more...)

Dr. Robert McMahon, an internationally renowned clinical child psychologist, has been appointed as the B.C. Leadership Chair in Proactive Approaches to Reducing Risk for Violence Among Children and Youth. This is the first chair of its kind in the province, with a goal of establishing B.C. as a national and international leader in the development of effective intervention strategies to reduce and prevent violent and aggressive behaviour in children and youth. (more…)

Linda McDonell is a dedicated researcher in early childhood development. McDonell has been involved in groundbreaking work in Aboriginal and Indonesian communities with students and early childhood educators to enhance the connections between practitioners, family, community and culture.   The chair will be in VIU's faculty of health and human services, and will have links to faculties across the institution such as the faculty of social sciences, the department of First Nations studies in the faculty of arts and humanities and the faculty of education.  (more...)

Dr. Kevin Gregory-Evans has been appointed the Julia Levy B.C. leadership chair in macular research at the University of British Columbia. The chair is funded by the Province’s Leading Edge Endowment Fund, UBC and QLT Inc., a UBC spinoff company co-founded by Levy. QLT developed Visudyne, the first macular degeneration breakthrough, which uses a combination of drugs and laser therapy to treat patients around the world.  (more...)

The appointment of Dr Deborah Henderson, director of the Institute for Sustainable Horticulture (ISH), as the sixth BC Regional Innovation Chair was announced on October 15, 2009 at the Kwantlen Polytechnic University’s Langley campus. Dr Henderson has a B.Sc. in biology from Trent University, an M.Sc. in parasitology from the University of Manitoba, and a PhD in entomology from the University of B.C. She has worked closely with private companies, growers associations and government agencies on integrated pest management for several years and will build on this hands-on experience in her new role. (more...)

One of Canada’s foremost nuclear medicine researchers is developing new methods and drugs to diagnose and treat cancer under a partnership between the Province, the BC Cancer Agency, the BC Cancer Foundation and the University of British Columbia.  Dr. François Bénard has been appointed B.C. Leadership Chair in Functional Cancer Imaging. Bénard has been internationally recognized for developing novel radiopharmaceuticals that zero in on tumours too small to be found otherwise, and that allow doctors to see quickly whether a cancer is responding to treatment. (more...)

Dr. Philip Evans has been named the B.C. Leadership Chair in Advanced Forest Products Manufacturing Technology. Before coming to UBC in 2001, he was director of the Centre for Science and Engineering of Materials at the Australian National University in Canberra. (more... )

Dr. Benoit Rivard is the newly-appointed BC Leadership Chair in Hyperspectral Remote Sensing in the department of Geography at the University of Victoria, heading up the Imaging Spectroscopy laboratory. (more...)

John Church, who has a PhD in rangeland and wildlife resources and senior management experience with Alberta Agriculture and Food, has been appointed B.C. Regional Innovation Chair in Cattle Industry Sustainability. His job will be to develop new techniques and technologies to help make B.C.’s cattle industry sustainable – both economically and environmentally. (more...)

A regional innovation chair at Vancouver Island University to support tourism in rural B.C. will provide the knowledge to increase the benefits of the 2010 Winter Games in smaller communities and help them expand their economic base The chair is held by Nicole Vaugeois, who has a PhD in tourism planning and development from Michigan State University (more...).

Drug addiction causes people to experience overdoses, develop infectious diseases, and become involved in drug-related crime. At present, treatments for addiction to injection drugs are limited in effectiveness. On December 13, 2007, Dr. Michael Krausz was appointed to the BC Leadership Chair in Addiction Research with matching fund from St. Paul’s Hospital Foundation. This program is designed to be a leader in translational research and to be a catalyst for the development and evaluation of entirely new approaches to addiction treatment. (more...)

The B.C. Regional Innovation Chair in Sport Technology housed in the Pacific Sport Institute at Camosun College will provide resources in sport performance, technology, health and education to help develop new sport-based technologies and innovations. (more...)

Dr. Robert Young is the Merck Frosst BC Leadership Chair in Pharmaceutical Genomics in Drug Discovery recipient at Simon Fraser University (SFU).(more...)

World-renowned neuroscientist Dr. Urs Ribary has been appointed as the B.C. Leadership Chair in Cognitive Neuroscience in Early Childhood Health and Development at Simon Fraser University. Over the past twenty years, Dr. Ribary has built a track record as one of the leading researchers in magnetoencephalography (MEG) and its application for neuroscience diagnosis and treatment in Switzerland and the USA.(more...)

BC Leadership Chair in Early Childhood Development recipient Dr. Thomas Boyce is a pediatrician and a recognized leader in the field of psychobiology, researching how different social experiences affect early human development and influence health, learning and behaviour.

He will lead these studies within the Human Early Learning Partnership (HELP) based at UBC, a unique network of researchers at UBC, SFU, UVIC, UNBC, TRU and UBC Okanagan which conducts cross-disciplinary research to help children thrive.  The Chair is supported by the Sunny Hill Health Centre for Children Foundation and the BC Children’s Hospital Foundation.(more...)

The BC Regional Innovation Chair on Canada-India Business and Economic Development will help businesses in the Fraser Valley and Lower Mainland region take advantage of the opportunities offered by the huge Indian market. The new chair, with support from the Centre for Indo-Canadian Studies at UFV, will provide local businesses with the expertise and research necessary for them to access the fast-growing Indian economy and other overseas markets. (more...)

On November 16, 2006, B.C.’s first regional innovation chair, Mr. George Penfold, was appointed at Selkirk College to produce research that will help the West Kootenay Boundary region reach its full economic potential. (more...)

As the LEEF BC Leadership Chair in Marine Ecosystems and Global Change, based at the University of Victoria, Dr. Kim Juniper will conduct research with a global impact, contributing directly to a better understanding of how human-induced climate change is influencing the oceans, and an improved understanding of variations in fisheries yields. (more...)

The fifth BC Leadership Chair has been awarded to Dr Laurie Chan of the University of Northern British Columbia on February 3, 2006 with matching funds from the Rix Family Foundation and CANTEST Ltd. (more...)

On November 29, 2005 the fourth BC Leadership Chair was awarded to Dr John Reynolds of SFU with matching funds from the Pacific Salmon Foundation and other donors. (more...)

The third BC Leadership Chair has been awarded to Dr Allan Young of UBC on November 18, 2005 with matching funds from the VGH & UBC Hospital Foundation. (more...)

In July 2005, Dr Martin Gleave was appointed to the BC Leadership Chair in Prostate Cancer Research, with matching funds through the VGH & UBC Hospital Foundation. (more...)

On June 30, 2004, the Leading Edge Endowment Fund approved preliminary proposals for 17 new research chairs in our province. Universities and Colleges  were invited to begin to raise matching funds, find chair candidates, and submit full proposals to LEEF in the areas of:

In 2002, Dr John Steeves, was appointed the first BC Leadership Chair in spinal cord research at UBC with matching funds from the Rick Hansen Foundation. (more...)

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